This is the story of two cousins who grew up in the sunny, easy-going Provence. Two entrepreneurial cousins with parallel paths. Olivier, an experienced wrought-iron craftsman, and Xavier, a landscaper who ran his own business for over 10 years. Creativity, a taste for effort and a job well done, meticulousness and patience are part of their DNA, and are naturally reflected in their various professional projects.

For several years, they build, construct, grow, literally and figuratively, advancing and prospering each in their own field. As the years go by, the passion for their respective activities remains intact, but the mental load intensifies, eventually taking up too much space. They find themselves torn between the desire to forge ahead, to grow, and the need to slow down and find meaning again, or perhaps even take a different path. And so they do. As they discussed their various problems and future aspirations, they came together to imagine a project that would be like them, liberating, fulfilling and artistic, in response to their thirst for creativity. The result was Octavio, their first creation, symbolizing their quest for meaning, freedom, hedonism and escape.

Octavio is an ode to the art of living a gentle, fulfilling life.

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